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"Bourbon Street" Streetlight Place Card Holder With Coordinating Place Cards (Set Of 4)

Let a nostalgic expression of days gone by lead the way to your happy occasion. Guests will feel ..


By the Sea Lighthouse Tea Light Holder

A beckoning beacon of light from sea to shining sea! Whether you want captivating table decor or a p..


Classic Gold Lantern

Shine a light on memories of your elegant bridal shower or wedding with Kate Aspen's Classic Gold ..


Hanging Blue Jar With Fairy Lights (Set of 4)

Bring a fantastic look to your wedding, shower, birthday party, or other special occasion with Kate ..


Hanging Clear Jar With Fairy Lights (Set of 4)

Twinkle twinkle little fairy lights - to create a sweet and sentimental atmosphere at your wedding, ..


Indian Jewel Lantern

No Indian wedding decor is complete without Kate Aspen's beautiful jewel tone lanterns. Blending the..


Light Champagne Frosted Mercury Glass Hanging Lantern

Create a dreamy atmosphere with the soft light coming from Kate Aspen's Light Champagne Frosted Merc..


Luminous Black Mini-Lantern Tea Light Holder

Let your event bask in the glow of Kate Aspen's contemporary take on an antique design. You'll be am..


Vintage Antique Gold Distressed Lantern - Small

Sure to cast a golden glow on all who behold it, Kate Aspen's small Vintage Antique Gold Distressed ..


Vintage Bird Cage Lantern

The soft flame of a tealight dances like a bird's wings when nestled inside Kate Aspen's b..


Vintage Blue Distressed Lantern - Large

Shine some light, make a statement or create the perfect ambiance with our new big & beautiful l..


Vintage Blue Distressed Lantern - Medium

Rustic and romantic, Kate Aspen's Vintage Blue Distressed Lantern in a medium size isn't only for ..


Vintage Blue Distressed Lantern - Small

Perfectly charming and positively practical, Kate Aspen's small Vintage Blue Lantern lights the way ..


Vintage White Distressed Lantern - Medium

Picture this - a soft and warm ambiance with faintly flickering candles at your lovely wedding, brid..


Vintage White Distressed Lantern - Small

Crisp white and with all the right distressed spots to create that perfect rustic décor look, Kate A..